01 Human & Divine.png

16th FEB, 7:30PM

Human and Divine 

The first concert in the Classix series is of historical importance, being the first piano recital ever held in a cathedral in Iasi. The event will be centered on a program that will connect the human experience with the spiritual one and will be presented by the renowned pianist from Iasi, Dragoș Cantea.

Our Lady Queen Cathedral of Iași

02 Romantic Concert.png

17th FEB, 7:00PM

Romantic Concert

Love is one of the classic values ​​of humanity and could not miss the Classix series, presenting an extremely different artistic duo - both as traditions and as scenic attitude. A South Korean pianist - Victor Lim, and a Norwegian cellist - Sandra Lied Haga, will cross the national borders through melodic communication under the aegis of romance.

Palace of Culture, Henri Coandă Hall

03 Nordic Harmonies.png

18th FEB, 7:00PM

Nordic Harmonies

Scandinavian realms have always been a special inspiration to any creator. Whether we think of the fjords, Aurora Borealis or Santa Claus, Scandinavia is an area that reminds us of the beauty and diversity of our planet. The Trondheim Soloists Quartet will present Norwegian opuses that will transpose us into the world of the polar circle, at the place they call ‘home’.

Balș House, Eduard Caudella Hall

04 Classic or Fantastic.png

19th FEB, 7:00PM

Classic or fantastic?

The Palace of Culture offers elegance at neo-Gothic dimension and a fascinating diversity in the hundreds of rooms that today host much of the city's history. This elegance can be observed from a new perspective within the Classix Festival right in the foyer, highlighting the border between classical and mythological elements.

Foyer of Palace of Culture

05 American Dream.png

20th FEB, 7:00PM

American dream at two pianos

We cannot talk about innovation in art and culture without stepping into the realms of jazz, Hollywood or music. A huge part of the life lessons we call "normality" today are due to American evolution and diversity. The program of the American dream is related in this edition of Classix on two pianos, highlighting the importance of dialogue and mutual respect. Whether in family, friends, nations or in business.

„Mihai Eminescu” University Library of Iași

06 Jewish Concert.png

21st FEB, 7:00PM

Jewish Concert

Today, the Jewish heritage is spread globally, and Iași is no exception. Thus, the ClassiX series will promote both the Jewish identity of today and the artistic innovation of the state of Israel through a special program that will contain reference works from classical music of yesterday and today.

„Mihai Eminescu” University Library of Iași

07 Clasical Transfiured.png

22nd FEB, 7:00PM

Transfigured Classic

The Night Transfigured by Schönberg gives birth to the second Viennese school, being strongly linked to the poem of the same title by Richard Dehmel. It will be presented during the concert in a unique way, emphasizing again the interdisciplinarity. In the second part, a byte consisting of the two quartets invited to the festival, based in Trondheim and Vienna, will give a new look to the String Octet by Felix Mendelssohn.

„Vasile Alecsandri” National Theater of Iași